H1b Transfer denied

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I was not able to find an answer based on my search to my match my current situation. If anyone went through and came across the answer, please guide me.

I was laid off last year on May 21, 2018, from a fulltime position. I joined a consulting company(B) and the new company(B) filed H1b transfer on May 21st, 2018. I started working on receipt. The h1b transfer was without premium processing. Company B also started my Green card process. On Feb 22, 2019. I had received RFE for H1b transfer. On April, My PERM was approved. My Employer replied to RFE and submitted for I-140 on MAY 14th with premium processing. On May 23, my H1b case status is showing denied on website. My I 94 is valid till  11th September 2019, however I-94 date was from previous approved I-797. My 6th Year CAP is ending in coming September 2019. I am waiting for the company attorney to advise me as I am not aware of the reason for denial. I am having the following questions.

  1. Both for re-appeal and Re-apply(New H1b petition), Can I work at Client place through my current employer?
  2. Can I use premium processing for a new I-129 petition through my current employer?
  3. My wife is studying MS with H4 visa, Can she convert to F1 visa in this situation to continue her studies?
  4. What will be the impact on my I-140 application? If approved, Can I use this I-140 to reapply new H1b petition through a new company? 
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