I94 Extension after passport renewal - Stamped visa expired


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Please help me, need input for my situation. I am trying to extend I 94 after passport renewal, here is my  situation

"My stamped visa expired on Sep 2018"

My I94 is expiring : June 1st 
Stamped Visa expired: Sep 2018
Old Passport expiring: June 2nd
Got my new passport a week back
I797 Valid till 2021 (Got latest I797 before my international travel)

So now I should go to CBP office in Texas border (Laredo) and get my I94 extended, 
A) With my expired stamped visa will I have any issues at Texas/Arizona border?
B)  If A) is not possible what are my other options?

Appriciate you insight.

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no man you can not do it, with that I 797... check other blogs  replies...


who told you to get it done at CBP ofc ??? go and beat him first ..... 

officially you ar out of status according to CBP rules..... but technically your good stay in USA with I797 approved.

if you approach them they will throw you out this country  


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