F2 for child, visitor visa for spouse


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Dear team, 

I am going to apply for F1 visa to study under corporate sponsored masters degree. I am married and have 4 yrs old kid. My husband is working in good position here in india. I have below questions 

1. Can i apply for f2 got my child when i apply for f1 together? I will get my entire stay and expense covered by company. For my child my dad (child's grandfather) will be sponsora

2. My husband prefers to come in visit visa during vacations as he don't want to quit his job during this period. 

3. We can't leave my child here as he is attached to mother.  Will there be rejection for my kid  even if we show sufficient financial support from my father during this period? Or should i only apply for visit visa for my child too?

4. Reason of considering f2 for child is education.  He can't discontinue school here and be with me for 6 months there on visitor visa. It will affect his schooling. In dependent visa he can study there till my course duration and am planning to use day care facility during my college time. 

5. After my course i will return back to india or Australia as only that will be feasible for my husband's job. So we don't really intend to immigrate 


Any suggestions on how to handle this situation without rejection?

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