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I submitted for H1-B Work Permit Extension and Amendment (I-129) and received Receipt dated for 22/Mar/2018. On USCIS Case status, I can see receipt notice sent by April 21, 2018 itself. But I've NOT received my extension petition till date. My existing H1B visa will expire at 31/July/2019. This is my first Work Permit Extension and Amendment. So my employer has raised Service Request on Apr 5th 2019, USCIS pointed out my case is currently being adjudicated and I should receive a notice of action within 45 days. 

1. Should I need to go for premium processing for more positive result within this time Or I should wait for 45 days then I should go for premium processing , as rejection rate seems to high for extension at this time?
2. Do we need to pay premium processing fee seperately for H4 dependents  or this include on H1B extension premium processing itself?

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Paying for premium processing should not increase or decrease your chance of approval. It simply speeds up processing time. Individuals who file via premium processing will receive a response in 15 days. At this time, premium processing is not available for H-4 dependents. However, if they are filed concurrently with an H1B petition, USCIS has said that they will adjudicate the H-4 and H1B cases at the same time. Only the payment for the H1B premium processing is required

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