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I am currently a student enrolled in university. I will be graduating with my Bachelors degree on May 12th 2019. I have also been accepted into an accelerated masters program also here at the same university that requires an internship course. I was planning on using CPT to complete an internship I have for the summer that begins on May 20th. I was going to use this CPT on my new I-20. My International Student Services says that i can't begin my internship till May 28th when summer classes start. But my start date has already been conformed for May 20th, is this a law or something that is within their discretion ?


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You can not attend the orientation on May 19th. Your visa will cancel if the government catch you accidentally. The legally working period should on your I-20 that signed by your advisor or international student service center's employee. That's your legally working schedule for the summer internship(CPT). Period. Good luck.

You should ask the employer to delay your orientation significant your problems. Find some good internship jobs at job search sites or job portals for international students like OPTnation

if you are finding for benefits for CPT internships? OPTnation has shared a blog regarding the overview/benefits for CPT Internship for International Students which will solve the misconception of many students. 


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