Chances of former Farmington University Student to come back to US


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Hello All,

Asking this for a friend who left US this year January because he was a student at the Farmington University.You all know what happened to the Farmington university in the beginning of this year.Is there any chances for him to come back to US in a different visa,say H-4  dependent(by Marrying H1 girl)? I know that he violated the law by joining a fake college unknowingly and stayed in US unlawfully. I am sure his SEVIS got terminated as soon as he left US. But since he is no longer going to be a student nor he is interested in working can he still be able to come back to US and be as dependent.?

Note - he didn't get any notices or he got arrested by the officials.He was just one of the student of that university who got to know the news abt the fake university and decided to leave the country voluntarily and he left.


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