Name change at citizenship interview


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In N400 I filled the name change column with new name. 

How exactly it works? Do I get the citizenship certificate with new name? or the name change process starts there, and will take its own course of time?

I am expecting interview in Sep/Oct 2019. If the name change process starts at interview, can I change the name as per local city/county process, and carry that certificate to the interview?

Field office for my interview would be San Francisco, CA.


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USCIS in San Francisco doesn't do name changes.

In general, a name change requires court approval. In most USCIS districts, the Oath Ceremony is also a court session, that allows name changes to happen at the oath. They issue a name change document in addition to the naturalization certificate which has the new name (I know because I did this in Los Angeles.)

However, in the Bay Area, the oath ceremonies are only administrative ceremonies without the possibility of name changes.

If you want to change your name you would have to go through a name change process at the district court. That is quite a bit more involved, with newspaper announcements, etc.

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Thank you JoeF.

Actually my name change is about fixing the errors, first & last names messed up by passport office in India during renewal, and that continued in further renewals. My old passport has correct name, based on that it may be possible to get a new passport with correct name from Indian consulate, it is fast to do.

If I get a new passport with correct name, can it be used as record for name change every where (USCIS, DMV, SSN etc)? OR going to court is the only option for me now? Court process may take 12 to 16 weeks in my county.



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When you naturalize you are a US citizen, so you can't get an Indian passport anymore (India doesn't allow dual citizenship.)

And I meant the name change process at a US District Court. I knew somebody (born American) who went through that process. I don't remember how long that took.

I have no idea what a name change before becoming a US citizen would involve and if foreign documents are accepted for that here.

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