Applied for initial OPT but didn’t graduate in the following semester .

Vinay ceela

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Hello Everyone,

Here is my situation ,I don’t have any clue how to figure out myself .

so I applied for OPT in 20 Feb 2018 ,and start date is on 3rd june 2018 but I didn’t graduate in spring 2018 semester due to unapproval of plan of study by advisor because I did pick courses from other department .

secondly to approve my plan of study my advisor is suggesting me to take 2 online course in the summer of May 2019 ,

moreover I can’t apply for STEM extension without masters degree conferral  on 2nd of June 2019 .

My question here is am I out of status now or in F1 status .

                      Can I apply for stem extension after completion of 2 online course this summer 

 my intial opt expiration date is June 2nd 2019 , so if I enroll online course this summer 2019 which starts on May 7and ends in mid August .

looking for a suitable and valid answers 



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