EB1 India PD Movement Predictions


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Hi All


Just wondering what people here think regarding Eb1 priority date movement for India.

I am Eb1A with PD of Nov 2017 and currently the Final Action Dates are stuck at Feb 22 2017 with a retrogression starting next month as per the May VB last week. 


Considering that this year no spill over happens from ROW (which has about 34K annual Eb1 visa numbers) it seems even within Feb 2017 and Dec 2017 there are over 11k Indian 485s pending. This implies that if Eb1 India doesnt get spill over from ROW (which is likely as ROW is not becoming current and USCIS's Charlie Opp. opines that the demand remains very high for ROW) then India Eb1 will likely move slower than Eb3/2 in the coming years. This is really scary. It seems that even to get to end of 2017 as in the final action date for India, it could take upto 2 more fiscal years!


Any thoughts welcome on this. I realize that the actual prediction on these dates is far from a science, yet any thoughts/ comments/ opinions are very welcome!

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