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Hi there! 

I'm have an approved H1B transfer( till Oct-2021) to new employer and it says consular process to a consulate in Hyderabad.
With my previous employer I've my visa stamped till Oct-2020. 

Now, I want to start my work at new employer, do I need to cross the border and get a new I-94 or I have to go to a consulate to get the stamping done? 

If its the first case, I'll plan and get it done via Mexico(I hold an Indian passport). Else I should fill DS-160 and book an appointment for an consulate. 

Kindly suggest me the right path. 



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Do you have a valid i94 right now ? DO you know why extension of status i.e i94 was not seeked by new employer or if seeked why USCIS did not approve it ? 

If your visa is not revoked, you can go to canada or mexico and come back using the existing valid visa and ask for a new i94. 




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