Highest Education Question during Visa interviews


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Hi, I have over 15 years of IT experience and I am with my current employer for past 4 and half years as an FTE. I was reading h1b experiences in the various portals and noticed "highest education" being mentioned as a common question to applicants. I have a Bachelor's degree (B.E) in computer science and engineering. I am planning to visit India in July and need to appear for H1B visa interview. Does anyone think not having a Masters degree may impact my case negatively? The recent discussions around "very highly skilled" requirements for H1B has created confusions in me. Thanks!

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You are fine as long as your h1b petition is legit and filed by a legit company for a legit position. Having a masters or even a phd degree will not help if any of those things are not in order. Do not overthink and cook issues that do not exists or are not real. You clearly do not have a masters degree why do you worry about it anyway ?

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