H4 EAD & H4 to F1 questions


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My wife is currently pursuing a Masters degree on H4. She also has an EAD as my i140 was approved long time back. 

Her final semester is Fall 2019. We are travelling to India this summer and we wish to change her status to F1 as there is confusion if H4-EAD will be retained or revoked.

We have our H1/H4 visas expiring soon and we have received approvals for extension and H4 EAD has been extended too. Since we are travelling to India, we have to get VISA stamping for H1/H4 extension. 

The following are our questions : 

1) We have been informed that there have been cases wherein F1 is rejected stating the reason as "Dual Intent". If at all F1 gets rejected,

  • Would my wife lose her existing H4 status ?
  • Would my wife be able to apply and get H4 stamping soon after F1 rejection ?
  • Would there be any negative impact  (as in termination) on the H4 EAD extension that she has already received ?

2) If H4 EAD is stopped, would it have any impact on the existing EAD already issued and for its renewals ? If there is no impact on the existing EAD and its renewals, she would like to continue on H4.

Please advice us on how to go about in our case.

Thanks in advance.


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