"URGENT" - 60 day grace period and I-94 Validity


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Hello guys,

I am serving a bench period in Company A and as per their rules my employment gets terminated on April 5th 2019. My current H1B and I94 validity is till Feb 2021 and what would be my I-94 validity if my Employer revokes my H1B ? Also I lost job on March 5th 2019 and have an employment termination date of April 5th 2019 so when will my 60 day grace period starts ( Is it from march 5th or April 5th)? Back In 2017 I once used 20 days in a 60 day grace period and found a new employer so how many times can we use 60 day grace period?  within that 60 day period if NEW employer files new H1B transfer  how many days I can stay in the country and work on receipt and what will be i94 expiration date or legal amount of days to stay if new H1B is in process.

Please help me with your replies and suggestions. 


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