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My current H1 (amendment, current I-94) is approved with ClientX till Nov 2019. I left ClientX and moved to ClientY in Dec 2018 but that project got terminated in Feb 2019. Amendment for ClientY is filed and still in process. Now I got a new project with ClientZ, need to file new amendment with ClientZ.

Q. If any amendment gets denial, what is the grace/time period within which I need a new project and new amendment filed ?

My employer says,  join ClientX since that is approved,  and since ClientY's amendment is not approved yet, if ClientZ's amendment also gets denied then I will go out of status and leave country. Employer says the 240 day grace period will exhaust if ClientZ's amendment gets denied since I left ClientX in mid Dec 2018 and no amendments got approved since then. He says 240 day period counts starting mid Dec 2018.

Q. I believe there is no 240 day thing for amendments,  Is there a 240 day grace period for amendment too ? or is it only after the I-94 expires (my I-94 is till Nov 2019) ?

Q. If ClientZ's amendment gets denial what grace period before which I need new Client ?

Q. If ClientZ's amendment denied,  do I then need to definitely go back ONLY to ClientX or can I still find new Client ?

Q. If ClientZ's amendment gets denial (after 4-6 months from now), should I leave country ?

Q. Would you recommend premium process for ClientZ's amendment file ?


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