Multiple H1B petitions during 60 day grace period


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I got laid off by Company A on March 15th. I have one job offer from Company B who is ready to apply H1B for me. 

In parallel am interviewing for multiple dream companies (Company C) whose process is a little slow and am afraid my 60 days will run out so I wanted to confirm

If I join company B based on H1B receipt to keep my H1B status valid immediately 

1. Can I join Company C after 60 days are over while am working with Company B on H1B receipt?

P.S:  I may or may not have H1B approval from Company B by that time. 

2. Do companies readily accept this situation where the candidate doesn't have an active H1B approval for employment?

3. Is it better for me to wait and join Company C only after I have H1B approval from Company B?



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Can anyone reply on this, I got laid off on Feb 19 from Company A and under 60 days grace period.

Consultant is ready to transfer visa from Company A and want me to join.

Big Company I got offer But they will move slow, Can I join Consultant and then wait for my visa process to complete from big company.

Do I need to supply pay slips from consultant to big company or they can transfer from Company A within grace period if they file.

Please anyone who knows reply, its urgent




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