Tourist visa for spouse


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On 3/21/2019 at 10:17 AM, xTDx said:

Why not apply for H4 ? Dependants should not be applying for visitor visas when clearly the intention is not for tourism.

Suggestion would be to have her apply H4 and do not apply for visitor visa as it will most likely be rejected.

Makes sense.

Only reason for thinking about tourist visa is that my employer will take almost 2 months to upgrade my H1B extention case to premium processing, following which if I get approval it will take anywhere between 15-30 days (in case of RFE) to get my new I94, following which will have to get consular processing in India for my wife's H4 stamping which take anywhere between 1-2 months.
So looking at another 3-4 months before family can join me back in the US, so we were trying to explore the option of tourist visa.

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