F1 OPT to H4 to H1B


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Hello all, 

I am currently on F1 Opt expiring on June 30 and this is my final year to apply for H1B. My Employer is filing for H1B this year. My husband has I 140 approved with his current H1B valid until Jan 2020. 

1) Scenario 1:  If my H1B gets picked up before June 30 and I receive a receipt number, can I legally stay beyond June 30 until a decision on H1B is made? 

2) Scenario 2: If my H1B is not picked up by June 30, can I go to Canada for Stamping on H4 so that I can get back to US on H4 since my husband is on H1B?

3) Scenario 3: If I do not know by June 30 if my H1B was picked in the lottery, and I go to canada to get converted to H4 visa and during this time, If my H1B get's picked,  does it have any impact on either H1B / H4 since I stepped out of county while H1B application is pending decision ? 

Kindly advise. 



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