H-1 B under Administrative Processing (Blue Slip)


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Hi Team,

I am in India right now and my visa is under administrative processing from past 5 months. My US employer processed my petition when I am in India  (went through RFE to get approval, premium processing though). In September my petition got approved and on Oct 01, 2018 I attended interview in Hyderabad and they put my case under administrative processing, returned my passports with a blue slip. I provided all the requested additional information by October 15th and from then, online status is Administrative Processing, till today (March 17th, 2019). My H-1B visa is still valid till October 2019 (last visa stamping) but my old employer withdrew my petition as soon as I resigned. Is there a route for me to enter US, on the basis of my existing old employer visa which expires in October 2019? No consultancies, I am direct hire with the company, in US taxation stream. Kindly advise.

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