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Recently I was notified by my employer that there was Site audit conducted(Sometime in Mar 2019) for an approved L1B petition after an Year. L1B approved on Apr 2018. However I moved from my petition address to new location and customer. My employer has provided my new work address and contact# to auditor. I was told either USCIS can transfer my site audit to new location for 2nd audit or revoke my visa. My question is if my visa is revoked,


1. My wife is about to give birth and she needs health coverage. Currently we are covered under employer Group plan ( employer > 20 headcount). If the revoke happens before our child birth, will I be eligible for COBRA? My employer will suspend my payroll on revoke date and transfer me to India. Medically my wife is in final few weeks of gestation. I and my wife cannot move out of country immediately.

2. If I receive NOIR(intent to revoke). I know my employer has time to respond say 30 day. Can I keep working in US with healthcare benefits until real revoke Notice?

3. Citing emergency Health situation( pregnant wife) can I apply for any other visa to temporarily extend and not accumulate illegal days?



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