Base petition Approved then later Denied


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i am stuck in a situation with my Visa status and need help.
I was on My F1 Visa and filed for H1 on April 1st 2018 I filled for  H1 B Petitions  filed on my Work Location
 My Petition got directly approved from Case was recieved to Status approved on September 24th. and Eligible to work from OCT 1st 2018 and my Employer mailed me  approved H1 Copy
due to Budget Cutoff  I got rolled off from the Job at  client in July 2018
On October 23 I got an information from my employer that My Approved H1 got Re-Opened and RFE was issued for the Approved H1.
1. I filled amendment for Approved H1 in Dec 22 2018(Got a new job)
2.Submitted RFE on Jan 14th
USCIS status shows my RFE petition got Denied on Jan 25th 2019 but its been more than 45 days i haven't got my Denial receipt we also created a Open request but still did not receive any copy of denial letter.
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