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I noticed OPT stem extension denial today(March7,2019) online and have not received the notice yet. My initial OPT has expired on February 4th,2019. The legal team in my company recommends me to wait until I receive my physical denial notice and then stop the employment. They said online is always not true and also the reason of denial might be fixed. Currently I am confused weather to stop my employment right away or listen to my legal attorney and continue to work until I receive my notice. When does the OPT grace period start from? Is is from when my OPT expired i:e Febrary4th,2019 or when it is denied(online,March7,2019) or from when the denial notice is received? 

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23 hours ago, srihar123 said:

Hi, My stem opt also denied on 03/20/19 and my SEVIS is completed as my initial opt expired on 12/26/18. I am willing to file MTR. Can you please help me to choose the best option in my case and also what have you done?

Consulat an immigration lawyer and your DSO. 

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