H4 EAD to L1-B change of status


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I am on L1B VISA right now. The VISA expiration date is Nov 2020 however I complete my 5 years in Nov 2019. I can re-capture the days I was out of country for another 4 month so max till March 2020. My I-94 is valid till March 2020 too.

My spouse's EB1 I-140 was approved with a priority date of Feb 2019. We don't know when this would become current for us to apply for Adjustment of Status and it may take 2 years also. My spouse is on H1B valid till July 2020, which can then be extended. However I won't be able to extend my L1B beyond March.

My questions are:

1. Can I move to H4 with EAD from L1B and in the event that H4 EAD is revoked or not extended beyond July 2020, can I go back on L1-B and use the days I have remaining on L1B to max it out to 5 years?

2. Also does any of this lead to a break in my employment?


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