Urgent- complicated H1B visa stamping issue


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Hello Team,

My scenario: Got Initial H1B visa until May 2020, went to India in October 2018 and got my visa stamped. I moved to company B in October 2019, Here I got my VISA until 2020 December, but weirdly I-94  valid date is only until January 2020 .(a year lesser than the Visa Date)

My questions :

Question 1) I am planning to get married in June, If I go to India should I go for Visa stamping as I changed the company, on my Visa, admit until date is till May 2020 but on previous company name.

Question 2) If I do not need to go for Visa stamping in June, should I go back again in December 2019 as my I-94 date is expiring in January 2020 (Note My visa is valid until December 2020,  but I-94 is expiring a year before)

Any comments would be greatly appreciated

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