H1 COE petition after lay-off with previous employer

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My scenario is straightforward. I am an Indian citizen working in US on H1b for the past 6.5 yrs . I was working with Company-A till Dec-3-2018  before they laid me off (I had an H1b and I-140 EB2 approved with them, valid till year 2021). and then in Jan-2019 , I joined Company-B on H1b COE receipt notice. However, that transfer got RFE and I still see the status of my Company-A H1b as Approved in USCIS portal ("Case was approved on ..") although I believe they already notified USCIS that I am no longer working with Company-A.  

My question is , can I join another company (Company-C) now on H1b COE petition even though Company-B COE petition is in RFE status ? 

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