H-1B visa and COS approved on old I-94


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Hi friends,

I hope you are doing well. Please provide a solution to the below situation if any one experienced it before.  

I was an F-1 student working on STEM OPT EAD which is valid until MAY-2019. My employer filed an H-1B petition in APR-2018 using I-94 number 'AAA'. While the petition is under processing, I left the country in DEC-2018. I came back in JAN-2019 which is when I was assigned a new I-94 number 'BBB' at the port of entry. After a month of my return, in Feb-2019, the H-1B petition and the Change of Status got approved. But, when I reviewed the I-797 form, it mentioned the old I-94 number (AAA - with an extended validity until AUG'21) instead of new I-94 (BBB - which shows as D/S on online portal).
  1. Did the Change of Status happened in the right way? If not, please suggest me a solution. 
  2. My school's DSO told that my SEVIS is completed on the day the H-1B petition got approved. I checked the SEVP portal which shows my STEM OPT as inactive. Question is that, if the Change of Status is not correct, am I accruing unlawful presence and doing unauthorized work with no status in hand?
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