I94 expired, h4 transfer documents reached a day after expiry

Karthik Mahi

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Employer A was holding my H1B visa and transferred it to Employer B.
H1 documents were sent well with in date no issues. My concern is  H4 documents were sent separately and documents reached USCIS only a day after I94 expiry(Feb 11th) and I got the H4 receipt notice too.
The Visa on which H4 Dependent entered is valid till September

1. Is H4 dependent legal to stay in US ? as USCIS received H4 documents on Feb 11th though the I-94 last day of expiry ie., Feb 10th Sunday. 
2. Is there any Grace period available for H4 dependents?
3. What preparations has to be made now, please suggest.

4. Is it good decision to start work on receipt for H1

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