Re-enter US with Valid visa and H1B Amend Receipt


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I have valid H1B visa till Nov, 2020. I have approved petition for Client X till Nov 2020. Same employer filed a H1B amend for new location and new client.

Can I travel to India and re-enter US in month of May, 2019 with the following documents -

1. Valid Visa 2. I797 petition with old location. 3. H1B amend receipt for new location 4.Client Letter 5. SOW.

My spouse is also having valid visa till Nov 2020. Can she travel along with me to US with above documents. She will be travelling to US for the first time.

Kindly note - I have already started working in the new location.  At POE when they ask the petition should I provide Old I-797 and Receipt or only the receipt.


Thank You In Advance

The travel is really urgent and I cant avoid the dates.

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