B1/B2 visitor visa denied for parents


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i applied for for my parents visitor visa and it got denied. I’m on H4 visa and my husband on H1B is taking care of the expenses 

my parents have commercial crop agriculture and are self sufficient however at the moment can’t fund their trip. We are three daughters: my older sister is a doctor in India married and 2 kids and younger one is also married has a kid and working in London.


my parents are traveling only with the genuine intention of tourism and are planning for a maximum of 2 months stay.


they were asked the following questions 

have you traveled anywhere before? - no

who lives in USA?- our daughter 

does she work? - no

what do you have for living in here? - agriculture 

they in return handed over the 214b deniel document and denied it


i have applied again and they are attending interview again. How do they convince the CO that they do not intend to extend their stay at all?

my parents will never stay beyond 2 months since they love what they do in their home. They have hard earned property and house that they have made with passion. However it was hard to prove it in the interview since they were not asked a question to prove that. How do we go about it?



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Yes. They were asked just this. Honestly they had no clue that the visa gets denied and was not so prepared for it

im not sure what do you mean by “when is your baby due”

Yes they will stay only for 2 months. Multiple reasons:

1. It starts raining a lot in the place they live and they need to be there to handle the property damage that can happen. 6 months is never an option for them to stay away from their home. 

2. We have a live-in support who will take care of the property. They will do it only for April and May since their kids have summer holidays. Their school will start in June and they have to get back to their home by then

3. Yes my grandma is old. But by dad has 6 siblings living almost in the same city. She is with one of the child. They are not relatives, but her own children. This is the usual setup and thier trip has not made any changes to this.. they did not talk about her to the CO.

4. I have already booked their round trip. Unfortunately it’s noteven 100% refundable. So they will return. 

5. My daughter has spring break in April and that’s when we had planned to take them around. April was good for us too. The other time she is free was in November and December. However they can’t handle winter and can’t  visit Niagara Falls then. + point no 2

6. Most importantly they don’t intend to stay in the USA since they love thier home. They are not will to make any changes to thier life in any way. 

Yes. I agree a lot of visitors are not real and don’t intend to do it the way it is suppose to have done. But that’s honestly not true with my parents. I genuinely felt our truth will be recognized by the CO and hence booked the tickets. 

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I'm here with an update. My parents B2 visa is approved the second time. This time we chose Chennai. This is the default location for my state though inconvenient. The 1st time we chose Mumbai since it’s conveniet to travel.

they were asked multiple questions

This time my parents were a lot relaxed and wished the CO good morning with a smile

CO: good morning

CO: who is in the US?

Parents: our 2nd daughter, grand child and son-in-law

CO : so how may daughters do you have?

parents: 3

CO : sweet.. what do the other 2 do?

My parents explained

CO: can you give your daughter and son-in-law’s visa and passport

parents gave and the set had my sister’s passport copy as well

CO: pointed at my passport and asked if this daughter is in US

Parents: yes

CO: what do you do for living here?

my parents explained and also gave the property document. But CO said she wouldn’t want to see

CO: why are you traveling for just 2 months?

parents explained about the dependency in India and also my dad about his 97 year old mother..

CO: congratulations. Your Visa is approved. 

And yes they are coming here just for tourism. Neither for baby sitting nor to work illegally like lot of people do.

thank you very much

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