H4 extension approved after H1B approved

Palak Patel

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I was initially on H4 visa dependent on my spouse. My H1B was filed in April 2018 and it just got approved on 2/18/2019. While I was waiting on H1B to get approved, my spouse's H1B was filed for extension along with my H4 extension i-539 in December 2018. That extension got approved 2/25/2019.


Does this make my valid status as H4 since it got approved after my H1B got approved, or am I still on H1B status?

In order to go back to H1B status, I have sent a letter to USCIS to withdraw/discard H4 extension.

How can I go back to the H1B status apart from waiting for USCIS to respond to my letter?



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