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 I am international student and My recent I-94 arrival record has a part of my first name missing, but everything else apart from this  is right, I am applying for OPT now and also my parents are applying for travel visas as they are attending my graduation in may 2019. My question is will this mistake done by uscis be a reason for OPT application complication or even in further H1-B 2020  filing (my company is sponsoring).

This isnt the first time,  the last time I got it corrected as there were walk-in requests available at  deferred inspection site but due to recent govt shut down they arent processing  walk in requests, and I am not able to schedule an appointment through phone, I emailed them for corrections to the ID which they had given but still the information hasnt been updated yet.

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Before you apply for OPT ,you should get i94 corrected either by using CBP deferred inspection site  services or by leaving and coming back to US . Most CBP sites have an email service you can use, other allow some sort of appointments or walk ins. See below for their i94 correction email addresses. 


- if you have to apply for OPT because of deadlines, apply with what you have(make sure you send them latest i94 copy), chances are that USCIS will not cause any issues as they use passport name for the EAD issuance. (They usually do not care about i94 name or visa name for EADs to say the least)

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