DUI On F1 OPT, have 2 options


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I was arrested in Nov, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois for DUI, bac 0.18 and my court proceedings have been going on for a while now, I've received an email notifying me that my F-1 Visa has been revoked.

The prosecutor and my lawyer have been discussing some deals and I basically have 2 choices, 

1. Get Court Supervision for DUI, which means that i will be guilty of DUI but not convicted for DUI if i successfully complete my court supervision, and my criminal record will be clean after this.

2. Get convicted for Reckless Driving (Guilty of reckless driving) . 

The problem is that I have come across some places which mention that for immigration purposes, if I am guilty of a crime, it means that I am considered as convicted for it. 
So, Is it better to get court supervision on DUI which will enable me to have nothing on record, BUT be guilty for DUI, OR should i just get reduced charge to reckless driving and get convicted for it and be guilty for reckless instead of DUI?

And how does this actually affect me? I've read many posts here and I have not come across anyone saying that they could not actually come back to US after they visited india. (after the medical screening procedure)

Thanks, any info will be of immense help

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