H1 Approved-Intent to Revoke-Documents recieved - ?


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My Status: I have applied H1 through Company A in April 2018 lot, but was working full-time at Company B at the time of petition. My petition got Approved in May 2018. Later in June 2018, received "Notice of Intent to Revoke" on the approval. Company A has sent required documents on the RFE for NOIR in July 2018.

I have started working for Comapany A from Oct 1, 2018 as change of status from F1 to H1 got effective. As of now (Feb 2018), my petition still shows Received documents for RFE. I still have an active H1 now untill denial/revocation of H1.

My Questions: 

1) Can applying H1B amendment with current client now work, any better chances of approval ?

2) Can I transfer H1B to another company having a RFE pending on my petition and if yes, after successful transfer would the RFE with Company A be no longer an Issue.

3) As of Jan 2019, my OPT has expired. So what will be my options if I receive a denial on the RFE?

Please let me know what is the best thing to do right now..

Thanks in Advance.

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