H4 status when H1B transfers


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Hello All,

I am working for Employer 'A' and have approved H1B, H4, and EAD(for my wife) till 2021 March.

Now I got a new job offer with employer 'B'. New employer 'B' initiated H1B tranfer+H4 tranfer+EAD renewal.

My question is

I got the approvals of H1, H4, and EAD with employer 'B' till 2022 Feb and I decided to stay back with current employer 'A'.

New employer 'B' is definitely going to revoke my new H1B and dependent petitions as well.

In this case, what could be the h4 and EAD validity dates as they are approved with employer 'B' as well?


Appreciate the help...🙂

Thanks in advance

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