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Need help with following scenario. I want to shorten my I-94 validity-

Blanket Petition Expiry Date -> May 2019 
L1-A Visa Expiry Date -> Aug 2019 
I-94 Expiry Date -> Sep 2021
Recently returned from India Trip on  Jan 2019

>> Can I go to a nearest CBP office and request them to shorten my I94 till my Visa expiry date. Will they entertain this request?
>> Or should I take a day trip to Mexico and upon return - request the immigration officer to shorten my I94. Will he entertain that request? Is it safe to do?

I want to do this as I want to file for my visa extension. My company lawyer has told me that they will not file my extension prior to 6 months of I94 validity and they are quite strict about this process.

I do want to get extension filed as I will have to travel to India for few weeks in Nov 2019 for personal reasons.

Please suggest options.

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