Moving to H4 while not knowing if H1B is selected in lotter


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Hello all,

I'm currently on OPT ext. valid thru April 30th and i'm planning to file for H1B this year. I have few questions about the COS during H1B pending application:


1) Can i get a CAP GAP extension until May 30th from school if i provide them with Fedex receipt showing my H1B application delivery to USCIS?

2) Even by May 30th, if i don't know if my H1B application is selected in the lottery can i go abroad and convert to H4 visa, since i will be out of status from June 1st?

3)Once i'm back to US on H4 visa and i get a receipt saying my H1B is picked up in the lottery. Will USCIS still process my H1B application considering now i'm on H4 visa?

4) Will i have any issues going for H4 stamping when i submitted my H1B application?


Thanks for your help!

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