H1B stamped, work from home in India for 6 months. Any possibilities?


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140 approved. H1B stamped till 2021. currently in USA. I have work from home option here. 

I have to go to India due to personal reasons. At least I need to be there for 6 months. What are all the options do I have? 

My company is in India too.  

- Can I work from India for 6 months and come back? But I will have to work from home in India. I can go to India office for work but not daily.

  If yes,

      - do I need to file anything or just Manager approval is enough? 

      - do I need to inform my company attorney?

- What happens if I stay in India for 6 months and get US salary ? Does it affect any of my GC process in future or any legal formalities?

- Do I need to request my company to transfer me to India branch with Indian salary for 6 months? (I dont think such system exists)

If I have travel to US every 3 months and stay for a week, I can do that. 

Please let me know the available options. 

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