H1B RFE Amendment.


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We have applied H1B amendment on Sep 21 2018 at California Center(Normal processing). I got an H1B amendment RFE on Jan 16 2019.
I have valid visa up to June 10 2019 for the previous client and location. my employer is requesting to initiate the H1B extension process before responding to the rfe.

1. Is it possible to upgrade the H1B amendment during RFE response (after USCIS reopen the premium feb 19 2019). any drawbacks on converting to Premium processing?
2. I need to initiate the H1b extension process before getting status for H1B Amendment. H1B Extension petition also processed in the same center or different center?
3. Is it possible to process the H1B amendment in normal processing and H1B Extension in Premium processing with different center?
Please advise if any alternate solution. Thanks in advance.

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