H1-B denied, leaving country fearing F1 Visa Unlawful Presence Memo 2018.


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My opt was denied for the reason "Beneficiary has not complied with the terms and conditions of STEM  OPT".

Notice was similar to the one in

I'm leaving the country on Feb 3, Here are my questions.

1) I started to work for that employer on Feb 2 2018, are the unlawful days count from Feb 2 2018 or Aug 9 2018 ?
2) ** Planning to get married, what are the odds in coming back on H4 in the next few months?

Paranoid to all this rules, i did my masters in a decent university and timely submitted my I983,  only mistake is i worked for a consulting firm on a third party location.

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If you know that you were not supposed to work for 3rd party / consulting firm as a part of STEM-OPT terms and condition

1. Unlawful days starts when you first violated the terms and conditions of your visa.

2. Slim- USCIS might see you as highly educated willful violator who does not follow rules and regulations. 

 You may want to consult your attorney.

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