I-485 Resubmit - Receipt Not Received

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Myself and my spouse applied for AOS on Jan 08. I got my receipt on 15th and my spouse got rejected due to improper filing. Missing pages in application forms. Resubmitted the application and reached USCIS on 18th. No update yet. My friend who applied on 22nd got his receipt number today.

Are the re submitted applications processed in a different way than regular applications? Do we get a new receipt number or USCIS re-use the same one provided with rejection letter?

What is the expected receipt notice time for resubmitted cases? Anybody have previous experience?

Thanks in advance.

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So, I had a similar situation. My spouses application was accepted and mine got sent back. I immediately corrected it and sent the forms back with the Green form they provided to indicate resubmission. Approximately 2 weeks after resubmission, i got the text message confirmation of acceptance (since i had submitted a form for that) and probably a few days after, i received my notice via mail. 

May not be relevant but useful for future readers-  The one thing i did do during resubmission is to make sure to highlight that my application is derivative and also highlighted the principal applicants I-485 application receipt number. Hope this helpos

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