Minor child name did not get printed on i-797C with spouse name

Vikash Kumar

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Hi Friends,

I need help on this case as I am getting different opinions from different peoples and completely in a fix.
I came to the USA in Mar 2014 on H1 with my wife (on H4 visa) and minor daughter (on H4 visa). My H1 extension was applied in Jul 2016 and it is valid until Jul 2019. My wife's extension was also valid until Jul 2019. But my daughter's name is missing on the i-797c document of my wife, however, my lawyer had mentioned the name of my daughter in the Supplement Section of i-539 when he had filed i-539 for my wife. My lawyer says that since my daughter is minor (9 years old now) so it shouldn't be an issue for her. Since my lawyer told me not to worry about it so I didn't think much about it in 2016. My lawyer had mailed this case as 'Typographical Error' in Sep 2018 to the Vermont Center and we received an acknowledgment from Vermont saying they will respond within 60 days but didn't get a reply till now from Vermont Center.

1. Is my daughter is out of status as her H4 was expired in Jul 2016?

2. We all are planning to visit India soon, would there be an issue in visa stamping for my daughter as she doesn't have i-797?

I appreciate a lot for your help.

Vikash Kumar

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