H1B Extension with Amendment and 240 day rule

Sunil M

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I had applied for an amendment in Oct 2017 and unfortunately it got denied(after a RFE) on 15 Jan 2019. As my H1B is expired on 29 Sep 2018, my employer had applied for an extension along with amendment (since my amendment was still pending at the time of applying for extension) in July 2018. 

1. Will me amendment denial impact my H1B extension as the client is same

2. Since my H1B got expired on 29 Sep 2018 do I need to leave the country after May 2019 (240 days period will be completed) if I don't get any response from USCIS. I heard from someone that the 240 day rule will not be applicable for my case as they applied amendment along with extension. Is this true?

Thanks in advance!!!

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