Initial OPT Pending (126 days)(Urgent Help)!!!


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Dear All,

Regards to my initial OPT which was sent and received to USCIS on 21st Sep. 2018, Date on  I20 as December 31st  2018 as my course completion.which is suppose to be 15th December 2018. However, I heard from you that changes were made dynamically into sevis record on 2nd Jan 2019 reverted back my original course completion date to 15th December 2018.(It was a school mistake).

My case is still in pending status from USCIS although it is 129 days(This week heard it is been assigned to an officer). I am assuming that we had filed 90 days prior to the course completion as per the I20 date which is incorrect as I 've completed my graduation on 15th December 2018.

-I read if you file prior to 90 days it would consider as early application chances are likely denial.
(I have seen 2 denials for the same reason).If I get a denial post 15th Feb. 2019 It would a real problem for me.

- My school DSO  made dynamic changes into my sevis now on 2nd Jan 2019 however we sent i20 signed with 31st December 2018 with initial package what impact would be on my case. Do we need to send updated I20 as well or we need to wait until a request for evidence?

Kindly let me know as I am approaching 60 days period post course completion on Feb 15 2019. If I received denial post 15th Feb 2019.  I will not be in a state to reapply.

Considering above fact My school DSO is suggesting me to withdraw the application and reapply it again before 15th Feb. 2019.School ready to provide a letter.(Do I need to wait until it reflects withdrawn in my Sevis and apply it fresh again).

Kindly suggest me 

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