H4 Travel and visa stamping question


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Hello All

My employer filed for H1b and H4 extension(for my wife) and I got my H1B extension approved, but H4 extesnion is not approved yet. We have to travel to India next week.

Myself: H1B, I-94 valid, valid stamped visa.

My Wife: H4, I-94 valid, valid stamped visa


1. Should my wife travel now since H4 extension has not been approved yet..?

2. If she travels(with me) and we go for stamping(drop box), can we get her visa stamped based on my approved I797..?

3. If we do not stamp our visas, would my wife be getting same I-94 as me based on my approved I797 at POE..? Please note that both of our visa will still be valid for 1 month when we come back(coming back on 04/15, current visa valid until 05/18).

Any help and insight is highly appreciated.

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