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I need suggestions on my status.

I am working for Employer A with valid visa and I 94 till September 2019. I have applied for a transfer to Employer B which has been approved till December 2021. The start date with Employer B is in March 2019 and I am currently employed and working with Employer A.

 I need to travel India and return back in February 2019 . Please advice on my return back. I am struggling whether I should return back to USA under my current employer A or have visa appointment schedule and interviewed for Employer B H1B.

I understand that if I return back with my current employer A I would get  I 94 valid till the current employer A H1b expiration. If this is the case do I have to file for an extension with Employer B (I think the same process as any H1b extension) or do I need to travel and return back with a valid visa and I94 with Employer B.

Thank you.

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