Employment terminated, H1b revoked and on 60 days grace period


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-I am currently out of employment and last day of my previous employment was 12/07/2018 and am on 60 days grace period, as of today its been 41 days and it ends by 02/05/2019
- My previous employer has revoked H1B-I797 on 01/15/2019.
- I have my visa stamped on my passport and my I94 is valid till 11/06/2019
- I have my I140 approved and stayed more than 180 days with employer
- I got an offer and working on H1b transfer

1. Should the H1b transfer need to filed or I should join the job before 60 days?
2. If its just filing, Can I join the job even after 60 days completed?
3. If we file for H1b transfer will it be counselor processing by default?


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1. USCIS must receive a new H1-B petition and issue the notice number within 60 days. Period! You can join the new employer only after that. 

2. Most likely it will be an extension of stay (if filed within 60 days). It will be counselor processing after that contingent upon you are not accruing unlawful presence. 

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