Lost job on receipt notice


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I am with employer a, and visa valid till sep 2019.

ON October 2018 joined on receipt notice(not yet approved) with employer B, But Lost the job after 3 months with employer B. My i94 expires at sep 2019.

Whats the best options for me Does grace period 60 days applies to me ? How long i can stay here (USA)

Please expecting the reply

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On 1/18/2019 at 6:50 PM, Chai said:

60 days grace period applies to you. Count the dates from the last day of actual work. USCIS must receive a new petition within 60 days. Prefer not to stay in the US beyond 60th day. 

Thanks for the response , my actual pay last date would be jan 29, but last day of mine is jan 15, what might be my grace period start date?

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