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I am working as a consultant at client A for quite sometime. My current H1B is valid and stamped till 08/20. My priority date is 10/10 in EB-3. The question is if I get an offer from client A to join them ....

  1. Is it safe to accept and transfer to client A?
    1. If so, how soon I can join them upon receiving the receipt or wait for approval considering the current situation?
  2. If joined client A (upon receipt or approval) and my priority date becomes current before client A filed for new LC and I-140, can I file for adjustment of status with the help of client A?

As of this writing, EB-3 final date for filing is 05/2009 and dates for filing is 04/2010. USCIS is accepting adjustment of status applications based on final date for employment based for Feb bulletin.  

Please help me with this tricky situation.

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