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I was working for an employer in U.s. from March,2018 (H1 b transfer) and I got an approved I 797 in May. In November, 2018, I visited my country India where they charged me with 221-g slip during a n H1-B visa stamping interview (I entered U.S. on F1visa) . My employer helped me with documents and I was able to return to U.S on 13th January , 2019. I went to work on 14th January, 2019 and found out that they are laying me off from the same day. My questions are

1. I wasn't getting paid from December 2018 since I was out of PTOs and out of state, not working. I will get a termination letter from employer dated 14th January, 2019. Do I get 60 days grace period from the termination date regardless of paychecks date?

2. Can it be concerning since I returned to work for that company and could not work there a day and got laid off? 

2. If I am to apply for COS to B2 visa, could that be an issue because I just re-entered U.S. on H1B visa?

3. I know the best way is to find an employer but if I can't within 60 days, what is the second best option that I should consider to stay in U.S and to get a work eventually? 

I would appreciate any answers / advice on this matter. Thank you in advance for your time. 

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Sounds like a shady desi consultant/employer who helped you with documentation (money change hands?) just to help you land a visa and into the US, only to lay you off. Your option is to either find a reputable employer who'd hire you based on merit within the grace period, or exit the US to India where you have full authorization to work. 

Applying for a cos to b2 is not only a waste of your time, but frivolous COS filings clog USCIS resources. Are you going to be a tourist? You had status issues a couple of years back too based on a previous thread. What college did you go to? 

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All companies are American. They could be managed/staffed by desis, but they're American by virtue of their location. What would be your intended recreational purpose for B2 status? As noted above, if there is an open H1b position that you qualify for on merit, you're free to apply to within the stipulated time window. If not, usually the best bet is to return to a home country. 

I'm not aware of any conditions of this forum that prevents anyone from disclosing the name of something as public as the name of a university. If there is one, please enlighten us all. The name could be relevant within the F1 to H1b context. 

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