B-1visa to J-1 visa to F-1 student visa


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Hello all,

I am an Indian citizen currently working as a dentist in Jamaica. I have a B1/B2 visa that is valid till 2025.

I am planning to do two Internships at US Dental Schools this year, both requiring different visas :

Internship 1 : April 1 to May 31 on J-1 Visa

Internship 2 : July 1 to Dec 31 on F-1 Visa

I addition, I have some personal travel plans (leisure) to US in the month of March. I am willing to cancel these if need be. Considering the timelines and the uncertainty ( and risk ) associated with every new visa, I am lost as to how I should approach the visas. Specifically, as I only have a period of 1 month between the two programs. Few options:

(1) Enter US on tourist visa in March, apply for change of status first to J-1 and then to F-1 while in US

(2) Cancel US personal travel, apply for J-1 visa and then change of status to F-1 while in US

(3) Cancel US personal travel, apply for J-1 visa, fly back to Jamaica, and reappear for a F-1 visa interview.

Please let me know your thoughts and suggest any other ideas that I am missing.

Thanks in advance!


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