Reapplying after RFE/Denial


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I have a valid H1, I94 and stamping till 2020. Currently working for a Company A under business unit A(1)
Recently there was a round of reorganization and now the company's unit A(1) is closed and there is a new H1 filed under business unit A(2). Now I have got an RFE and my company is yet to reply to the RFE.
My question here is 
1) In case of denial under A(2) do I have an opportunity to reapply again with my valid visa even though when the A(1) business unit is closed as of now?
2) Can I initiate a new H1 with a new company B while my new H1 is in progress and in RFE status?
3) Can I travel outside of US while I wait for the new approval?
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